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High Video Quality starting at € 700,-

At Abstr3ct Original we live to provide high video quality. On a minimal budget we deliver the following:

  • Film shot in HD (1080p)
  • Seperate audio recording
  • Video color grading (i.e. giving a video the cinematic look and optimizing colors in general)
  • High quality video noise reduction
  • Video delivered in YouTube ready HD widescreen format (1080p 24fps). Other formats are possible as well (i.e. DVD)

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Latest Videos

Every video is different as is its budget for creating it. Sometimes you need special effects which take more hours to develop, and other times something simple will suffice. In any case we try to be as cost efficient as possible. The price is build from three stages of the video making process.

In its simplest form a one to two minute video clip currently costs € 700,-

Before we start shooting the video we make a concrete idea for the video in the form of a script and/or storyboard. We help you transform your ideas and goals into a series of different scenes suitable for your audience. We will discuss our final concept with you, and make some changes when found necessary, before we move on to the next stage.

In the Production stage we gather all the material needed for the video, like: filming, audio recording, graphic illustrations, props, etc. For ambitious projects it means we need to use more resources which will affect the price of the video accordingly.

Post-production is the magic that brings all the gathered material from the production stage into a montage that is the realization of the idea thought of in the conceptualization stage.






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