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“Why do I need to hire someone to take pictures when I can take the pictures I need with my own (compact) camera?”

This of course is a valid question. At Abstr3ct Original we look at pictures in a different perspective. Some of it is too technical for the casual photographer to figure out, and others are details one normally doesn’t even consider. We like the pictures we make to suit it’s purpose. Doesn’t matter if it’s a portrait, a wedding picture or a picture of still life. Range and depth of colors, optimal lights & shadows, general composition and focus depth are some of the technical detail we take into account to when making that perfect click.

Abstr3ct Original is your source for professionally shot photo’s of yourself, wedding, architecture, products for your webshop, etc. Take a look at the several packages and upgrade options we offer.


€50 hour
    • ±100 images
    • Web-resolution size
    • Abstr3ct Original logo
    • Photo shoot in studio
    • Studio lights present
    • Background (black, white or greenscreen)

On Location

€50 hour
    • ±100 images
    • Web-resolution size
    • Abstr3ct Original logo
    • Photography on location
    • *Additional costs (initial/travel fees apply)

Styling Upgrade

Make use of our styling upgrade so you’ll look your best for your photo shoot. An experienced stylist will give you clothing advice and apply some make-up touch-ups.

€20,- per person

HD Upgrade

The HD upgrade will add a high resolution and the original image resolution to your photo shoot package. We’ll also remove our logo/watermark from all the images.

€40,- per 100 photos

Grading Upgrade

Allow us to do our magic and optimize your images to perfection. This includes color correction, minor retouching and special coloring options (i.e. Black&White or Vintage Look)

€5,- per photo

Special types of graphics like flyers, business cards, posters and photo shoot variations are possible as well. Feel free to contact us.

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