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On a cold winter night in a very cozy cafe four dudes found themselves sharing a passion for video and graphics. It took them just three drinks to realize that their passion silently turned into a dream. And if anything, dreams were truly meant to be realized. So, one drink later and the decision was made to create a platform where the four dudes would share their passion with the rest of the world.

In 2011 that platform became known as Abstr3ct Original. An Amsterdam-based agency dedicated to serve clients and spectators stylish videos and original graphics. Needless to say, we are those four dudes. Get to know us and enjoy our Street, the place where we express our deepest creative beliefs. Also, check out our corporate portfolio if you are looking for a crew to visualize your message. Keep it Abstr3ct and keep it Original. Bless!

Making every message a beautiful creation…

Meet the team

Crew skarx mask



Outside or inside the box are typologies that do not show the true essence of SkarX. His sense of style and abstract mindset gives him the edge to develop video and graphical concepts that are cool, but at the same time also innovative. Every message has a visual solution. Leave it up to SkarX to master it!

Crew epin mask

epin eight


As a kid epin eight enjoyed movies to the fullest, wondering if he himself could one day become the man who delivers visual entertainment.  Abstr3ct Original is his chance to live up to that dream. epin eight directs movies and is an expert on the latest technical developments in video & graphics.

Crew g8kh2n mask



Due to his phlegmatic approach to the world, G8KH2N knows well how the interaction between people and organization takes place. From a funny and recognizable style G8KH2N creates illustrated visual art. Every cartoon is telling a unique story with a message full of satire, caricature, or humor.

Crew mask jomny



The process of creating and telling a story might just be the ultimate goal of Jomny. To see an audience enjoying a creation is, without a doubt, one of the most blissfull moments in life. At Abstr3ct Original he can finally share his imagination through movies.

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